Robocall Radar

Spam Trends: March 2017

Hiya analyzes more than 3.5 billion incoming mobile calls per month globally and then leverages its proprietary rule-based algorithm to identify these calls for consumers. Hiya’s Robocall Radar is calculated by extrapolating the total number of unwanted robocalls detected among Hiya's user base as compared to the entire US mobile subscriber base. Growth in total call volume and the numbers involved with these calls will vary month to month. For the full copy of the Robocall Radar, click here.

1.7 billion Robocalls

Made to mobile phones in March 2017

Top Area Codes Robocallers Utilize

US Cities Utilized by Robocallers

Top Phone Numbers Used by Robocallers

Top Toll-Free Numbers Used by Robocallers

Most Common Types of Robocalls

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