Apple FAQ


First copy the unknown number from your Recents within the Phone application and then open Hiya. Hiya will ask you if you want to identify the number you just copied. Tap “yes” and Hiya will look up the number for you.

To copy a phone number, go to your Recents within the Phone application and tap on the info icon (the “i” with a circle around it) for the number you wish to look up. Once you’re on the contact card, press the caller's number and hold it for a couple seconds. The option to copy the number will appear. Tap “Copy” and the number is ready for you to paste into other apps.

First install the Hiya widget. To install the widget, pull down the Notification Center. Make sure you are on the “Today” tab. Scroll to the bottom and tap “Edit.” You will be shown a list of apps that have widgets available. Tap on Hiya to add the widget.
Next, copy the number you want to look up from your Recent Call Log. Pull down the Notification Center and scroll to the Hiya widget. The phone number will be automatically identified there.

Hiya adds an address book entry containing hundreds of phone numbers for known-to-be spammers and scammers. Because scammers and spammers are constantly changing their phone numbers to avoid detection, we update our entries at least once a day, often more.

Scams are calls trying to get you to send them money or are found to be fraud in some other way. Spam calls are calls from telemarketers, bill collectors, solicitors, etc. Spam is not dangerous, but can be very annoying. Blacklisted calls are from numbers that you choose to blacklist because you want them blocked. This is someone such as an ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend or anyone you just don’t want to talk to.

Scammers and spammers are constantly changing their phone numbers to avoid being blocked by our app. We update the lists of scammers and spammers at least once a day, as long as the app is active to ensure that you stay protected from unwanted calls.

Go to the “Call” tab in the app and type in the phone number you want to dial. If no spam is detected, then the call will go through. If the number you are dialling is identified as spam, you will be warned and asked if you want to continue with the call.