Getting Started

How do I add or remove contacts from my frequent list?

Tap the contact you would like to add or remove. Next click the 3-dot menu button in the top right of the screen. Select
"Remove from Frequent" or "Add to Frequent".

How do I add photos to my contacts?

We match the contacts in your call log with your phone book as well as your social connections on Facebook. For a richer experience, link Hiya to your Facebook account. To link Facebook, open the sliding Navigation Drawer, tap the pencil icon, and select "Use Facebook Profile".

How do I customize my caller ID profile?

Open the sliding Navigation Drawer and tap the pencil icon. Other Hiya users will see this profile when you call them.

Caller ID

My Caller ID name is wrong. How do I change it?

To update your name you can link Facebook to your profile. This will use the name and photo as it appears in your Facebook account. Also, you can tap the pencil icon in the sliding Navigation Drawer and edit your information there.

The call alert is getting in the way of my call. How can I move or change it?

You have the ability to reduce the alert, hide it, or move it to a different area of your screen. To move the alert, tap it and drag it up or down to the area of the screen that you want it to appear. To hide it altogether uncheck "Identify incoming calls" in Settings -> Caller ID.

How do I turn off the outgoing call ID?

Open the sliding Navigation Drawer, select Settings, select Caller ID, then uncheck "Identify outgoing calls".

Why can't Hiya identify all of my calls and texts?

Processing billions of records every month the Hiya database can identify every number stored in our database. If a number isn't available today, it might be tomorrow because we're constantly adding more information. With over 300 million listings and growing, Hiya works to identify as many telephone numbers as possible – but some information may not be available.

Why doesn't my caller ID display when I make a call?

Open the sliding Navigation Drawer, then tap "Settings" then tap Caller ID. Make sure you have both "Identify incoming calls" and "Identify outgoing calls" checked. If Caller ID is still not displaying, it might be because you are calling someone in your address book. We will not display outgoing Caller ID for numbers you have saved to your phone. You can override this setting by unchecking "Unknown calls only" from within your settings.

Why isn't my caller ID working?

Make sure Caller ID is turned on within the app's settings. Open the sliding Navigation Drawer, tap "Settings" then tap "Caller ID". If a number is still unidentified, it might not yet be in our database. The Hiya database has 12 billions records and is adding more daily. If a number isn't identified today, it might be tomorrow. Make sure "Caller ID" is turned on within your settings. If you are still getting unidentified calls it is because we are not confident in the identity of that number. Hiya database ingests billions of records every month from a variety of public sources to provide you the most accurate, up-to-date information on incoming callers. Unfortunately we cannot identify all numbers.

Call Blocking

How do I block a number?

There are two ways to block a number:

Do block calls have to go to voicemail?

For many versions of Android we can block numbers from going to voicemail. However on recent versions of Android, Google introduced a limitation preventing us from hanging up on blocked calls. You can still send blocked numbers straight to voicemail. As soon as Google lifts this limitation we will make it available to you.

Why can't I block messages?

With Android 4.4 or Kitkat, Google introduced a limitation which prevents any app from blocking numbers. As soon as this limitation is lifted we will be able to support blocking messages again.

What happens when I block someone?

When you block a number, you prevent the next call or text from going through to your phone. Your phone typically will not ring (with exceptions for some versions of Android), the call will not appear in your call log and the text will not show in your phone's text inbox. You will however be able to view the blocked calls and texts in the Hiya app. There's also the option to turn off all blocked number notifications and call history so you won't even know a blocked user tried to contact you.

How do I set my blocking preferences?

Open the sliding Navigation Drawer and select "Settings" and then "Call Protection". From there, you can change your preferences.

Why do I see a flash sometimes when I receive a call from a blocked user?

Depending on your phone and carrier there may be a few milliseconds of time where the device is between the incoming call and blocking process and flashes.

Why can't Hiya block callers while I'm on a call?

Because the call you are on will be disconnected. We wish we could, but it's a limitation built into most smartphones.

How do I view blocked calls or texts?

To view blocked call and texts, go to your call log. Blocked calls and text messages are displayed there.


If I delete call or text history in the app, will it delete the call and text history on my phone too?

No. Deleting call or text history in Hiya will not change your history in your phone.

How can I add/update my contacts' photos?

Hiya tries to match each profile to a phone number to make the experience more seamless. However, sometimes it makes wrong connections.

How do I delete all calls and text from the app?

From the home screen, open the sliding Navigation Drawer. Under "Settings" tap "Call log" and then tap "clear all history." Selecting this will delete all data in the app, including frequent list, recent list and stats.

How do I turn off all notifications?

From the home screen, open the sliding Navigation Drawer and then tap "Settings". Under Settings, uncheck all selections.


How can I give feedback?

We'd love to hear from you. Email us at support@hiya.com.

How do I contact support?

You can email us at support@hiya.com.

Where do you get your data?

We get our data from a variety of public sources and crowd sourcing.