Hiya Connect Enhanced Caller ID - let your contacts know who is calling them

Identified = Contacted

Hiya Connect Branded Call delivers brand recognition to the mobile phone.

Let's get your calls answered.

People want to know who is calling them. Hiya Connect empowers your business to present your brand to customers and prospects.

Hiya Connect will help you improve in key metrics like:

  • Pick-up rates
  • Call-backs
  • Engagement Rates

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Identified calls let contacts know who is calling them.
Identified calls let contacts know who is calling them.

Leverage the power of your brand

*availability based on device and market

Make your company name the focus. Tell them who’s calling.


Show them where the call is coming from. Either localize or generalize.

Improved Outcomes

Whether you measure your tele channel by call pick-up rate or user reach, Hiya Branded Call helps you reach the right customer at the right time.

Customer Satisfaction

Measure and manage customer satisfaction. Hiya Connect enables customer connections.

Return on Investment

Reduce call volumes by getting better 1st time connections with your customers via a trusted, authenticated mobile calling experience.

If callers aren’t saved to contacts, people aren’t likely to answer the call.

*Source: Hiya State of the Call 2019

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