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Hiya brings trust and identity into the mobile call.

We offer two product solutions to OEMs like Samsung and mobile carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile to provide enhanced caller profile, business profile and spam protection services.

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Carrier Network Solutions

Hiya's Carrier Network Solutions integrate directly at the network level, providing caller and business profile information, and protection against the increased threat of robocalls, regardless of operating system or device.

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Device Based Solutions

Hiya's Device Based Solutions enable developers to integrate caller profiles, business profiles and phone reputation information into their Android and iOS apps, including Hiya’s call blocking and spam reporting features.

Looking to bring trust and identity into your mobile calls? We’d like to help.

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Leading carriers and OEMs partner with Hiya


Samsung Smart Call

Smart Call offers users a rich, seamless phone experience. Powered by Hiya Client, Smart Call helps users identify unknown callers, stay protected against phone spam, and find or search for nearby businesses, all from within the native dialer.

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AT&T Call Protect

The industry's first network-based solution designed to protect consumers from unwanted robo and spam calls. Powered by Hiya Cloud, spam detection is applied where the call originates within the network architecture, screening potentially threatening phone calls before they ever reach a person’s phone.

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Samsung Places

Samsung Places helps consumers find and call businesses without ever needing to leave the dialer. With an integrated search and discovery experience, users can quickly search, find and call any local business directly from the phone app.

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T-Mobile Name ID

Combining the power of T-Mobile and Hiya, T-Mobile Name ID protects customers against nuisance callers by providing enhanced caller profile information, spam reporting functionality and the option to automatically block unwanted calls. With T-Mobile Name ID, users can identify unknown callers, receive spam and scam alerts, block calls and do it all within the native phone experience.

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Working with over 100 carriers around the world

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