Say ‘Hiya!’ to our biggest app update yet!

We may develop the Hiya app in Seattle but Pumpkin Spice Lattes aren’t the only thing we’ve got brewin’! In addition to keeping our caffeine intake up as Fall sets in, we’ve been hard at work on some enhancements to the app that we’d like to tell you about. 

Our mission at Hiya is to bring trust and identity to the mobile call. We’re experts at identifying callers because of our industry-leading spam identification rate and low error rate. A high identification rate and low error rate ensures that the maximum number of desirable calls get through while the undesirable ones don’t – and we’re delighted to say that this app update delivers a 400% improvement in spam identification and blocking coverage to users! You read that right: we’ve tweaked, we’ve tested, and we can now safely say that this is the most powerful version of the Hiya app that we’ve shipped to date.

Hiya for iOS now supports Dark Mode!

Even though our app primarily helps you steer clear of unwanted robocalls, that doesn’t mean we left the look and feel untouched. We’re thrilled to announce that the Hiya app now supports Dark Mode on iOS (Android to follow)! Finally, existing Hiya app users who don’t yet have a Premium subscription can now use the Neighbor Scam blocking feature to the fullest extent by adding up to 25 phone numbers (previously a Premium-only capability).

We won’t stop here. Be on the lookout as we continue to improve the app throughout 2019 and beyond!

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