A Peek Into the Life of Hiya Directory Team Intern: Lisa Liu

Hello everyone! My name is Lisa Liu and I am a Directory Team intern at Hiya. I am a rising senior at Carnegie Mellon University, where I major in Computer Science and Math. I wasn’t planning on studying Computer Science, but having taken some introductory CS classes, I then decided I wanted to learn more about it. Which brings me to where I am today, a Hiya Software Engineer intern.

In May, I started my internship working on the Directory Team, a small yet important team. My project for the summer was to help Hiya with their Places/Directory Service. Directory Service allows people to quickly find the details, especially the phone numbers of the businesses they search for. My project was to build a comparison framework so we can easily improve search relevance, which Directory Service relies on.

When I started at Hiya, I had no knowledge about what I’d be working on. I was excited and open to learning so many new things. My mentor Supriya, along with many other people, really helped me to understand a new framework, old code base and how everything works. In this internship, I learned a lot about database and machine learning in this industry.

This is my first internship and it is as amazing as I had imagined. People at Hiya are so nice, friendly and helpful; the project I’m working on is interesting and challenging; and Seattle has also been a welcoming city. I have really enjoyed my time here in Hiya, working with talented people around and learning new stuff almost every day!

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