Neighbor Scam Tops Hiya’s List of Five Trending Phone Scams of 2017

Surprise, surprise, the unwanted calls just keep coming! As overall unwanted calls to U.S. consumers increased by a whopping 76 percent, about 18 billion, making it 10 billion more than last year, Hiya made sure not to backdown and instead, kicked it into high gear to provide a valuable solution to our users this past year.

In our latest 2017 End of the Year Robocall Radar Report, we’ve pinpointed the Top Five Trending Phone Scams of 2017, with the Neighbor Scam at the top of the list, a scam that’s been targeting Americans since early 2016.

What we’ve dubbed as the “Scam Tactic of the Year,” the Neighbor Scam rightfully deserves this title as it has grown by 750% this year. It uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and software to mimic (also known as spoofing) the first six digits of a user’s phone number — the area code and the following three digits — to trick consumers into thinking a nearby friend or business is calling. The calls look a little something like this:

Based on the 2 billion calls we’ve flagged since the beginning of the year, we’ve estimated that one in three reports from Hiya users reference the Neighbor Scam.

To learn more about Hiya’s Top Five Trending Phone Scams of 2017 and how we’ve successfully protected our users from unwanted calls in the past year, click on the image below to read more:

2017 End of the Year Robocall Radar



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