Greenville Sun

Dialing For Dollars: Robocalls Are On The Rise

Greene County resident, Michelle Hughes could not shake so-called caller Heather from calling her about her car warranty. And just when Hughes thought she had gotten away from Heather, Heather would call back numerous times on different numbers, tricking Michelle into picking up the robocalls.

“Hughes, like countless other folks in Greene County, is the victim of robocalls — pre-recorded, unsolicited phone calls. They often pertain to free cruises, magazine sales, phone service, timeshare vacations, college tuition fees or student loans, credit cards, hotels, sweepstakes, generic urgent messages and even threats from the IRS,” reports the Greenville Sun.

However, thanks to third-party apps like Hiya, Hughes and other victims can start blocking the constant barrage of robocalls. To learn more click on the image below:


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