Fair Trade Scam

Fair Trade Scam Is Definitely Not Fair For UK Residents

If you get an unexpected call from the Office of Fair Trading informing you that you’ve qualified for compensation from construction on your residence, don’t fall for it! The Office of Fair Trading is responsible for protecting consumer interests throughout the U.K., but scammers are using their reputation for their financial gain straight out of your pockets.

Once a scammer reels a resident in to believe they have the resident’s “best interest” in mind, that’s when the so-called Office of Fair Trading agent drops the bomb that the only way they can redeem their compensation is if they immediately send payment towards court fees.

So for all you homeowners who’ve had work done on your homes, the next time you pick up the phone, keep these tips in mind to save yourself the grief and possibility of losing rather than gaining a chunk of cash:

  1. Do not rely on identity cards as proof that the caller is a legitimate representative from the Office of Fair Trading. If your receive a call, hang-up immediately, and call the OFT directly in regards to the so-called inquiry.
  2. Do not make wire transfers or share credit card or personal information over the phone if you have not confirmed that you are speaking with a legitimate agent.
  3. Trading Standards recommends residents not buy goods at the door. To learn more about trading standards visit https://www.hants.gov.uk/tradingstandards.
  4. Members of the council’s ‘Buy With Confidence’ scheme are audited to ensure they are legal, honest and fair. For more information visit www.buywithconfidence.gov.uk.
  5. If you have been a victim or have been targeted by this scam call 01962 833666 or call the police immediately at 101 or 999.


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