Samsung Galaxy S8 ‘Places’ Feature: Calling Local Businesses Made Easier With Hiya

As if the craze for Samsung’s Galaxy S8 wasn’t enough, there’s just one more feature that makes this smartphone standout from the rest, the native dialer.

Replacing the “Favorites” tab in the native dialer with a new tab called “Places,” Hiya powers this new feature, providing users a way to find and call local businesses without switching to a third-party app.

“Phone calls remain the most effective interaction for businesses and consumers and yet, calling a business is a needlessly cumbersome process,” Mayur Kamat, vice president for products at Hiya , told International Business Times. “With Hiya Business Profiles in place, Samsung Galaxy S8 users will never have to leave the dialer to call a business. Simply put, the Samsung phone app is getting smarter.”

To learn more watch IBT’s video by clicking below:

'Places' Feature

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