nuisance calls

Scotland Has Highest Rate of Nuisance Calls in UK, Pushing Minister to Take Action

Scotland takes the cake when it comes to nuisance calls hitting their cities. After recent research by the BBC discovered that Scotland had the highest rate of nuisance calls in the UK, Scotland minister, Keith Brown, had just about enough, calling for action to fine and disqualify offending companies.

“I set up the commission last year to specifically tackle the growing problem of nuisance calls, which are disproportionately affecting Scotland,” Brown said.

“We’re already working with enforcement agencies, telecoms providers and the makers of call blocking technology to find practical solutions that will help people protect themselves and with business, to change the behaviour that leads to illegal calls in the first place.d

“However, more needs to be done.”

As serious as this problem has become, Brown claims that the people of Scotland deserve to see real action being made and that authorities are recognizing this growing issue.

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