070 Scam

070 is a Definite No: The UK Scam that Charges Premium Rates

If you don’t remember taking that taxi ride or ordering that pizza, you probably didn’t! A current phone scam contacts residents in the UK from an 070 number with one goal in mind, charging victims premium phone fees without them knowing until it’s too late.

Affecting those mostly in the Derbyshire county, the 070 scam gets consumers to pick up or return calls they believe are from mobile phones beginning with 07. The scammer will tell the victim they have unpaid charges (i.e. taxi or pizza services). If the consumer answered the initial phone call, the scammer will state the issue, and abruptly hang up in hopes that the victim will call back and complain.

Little does the victim know, that when they do call back, they are not handling unpaid charges, but instead are being charged premium rates for calling the number back.

Consumers need to know that numbers beginning with 070 are red flags! Referred to as personal numbers, these calls can cost between 4 pence and 65 pence per minute on a landline and 30 pence and 1.50 pounds per minute on a mobile phone.

If you receive a call from an 070 number:
1) Do not pick up, or hang up immediately if you have been accused of unpaid charges that sound suspicious.
2) If you have been a victim or have received a call from an 070 number, report it to
Action Fraud.

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