IRS Collection Calls

IRS Collection calls may now be real, how to tell the difference

As if deciphering if you’ve been targeted by a scammer hasn’t been hard enough, news of major revisions to the IRS code on “collections” may make it even more complicated to protect ourselves from becoming the next victim of the the IRS scam.

As of 2017, these revisions will allow third-party debt collectors to call and tell an individual that they owe taxes, leaving many of us wondering how will we tell the difference between a legitimate call and a scammer?

Tax Attorney Fred Pfeil with SC Legal Services told WSPA 7News that he’s concerned the scam is only becoming more believable because of new guidelines that allow the IRS to forward delinquent tax payer information to private debt collectors.

But fortunately, don’t fret quite yet. Currently the 2016 tax return won’t be affected since the revisions won’t kick in until the day after tax day in April 2017. This gives you ample time to learn a few ways you can decipher if you’re being scammed or being contacted by a legitimate debt collector. Click on the video below to learn how:

IRS Collection Calls



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