How To Avoid Losing Money To The “Utility Company” Scam

Preying on the fears of utility customers who couldn’t even fathom losing service during these cold winter months, scammers have hit a new low. Targeting customers and informing them that they either have a past due bill or increased bill, they convince victims that they need to pay immediately or else their services will be shut off.

“Utility-related scam phone calls went up by 109% in 2016 and will likely continue to rise as scammers get more creative in trying to fool a savvier public, Hiya says,” reports the Consumerist.

Are you on the list of “Top Ten U.S. Cities Targeted by the Utility Scam”? Check out who’s on the list and how the Federal Communications┬áCommission and Federal Trad Commission advises you to protect yourself from these ruthless scammers by clicking the image below:

utility company scam


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