Can You Hear Me

Here’s how the ‘Can you hear me?’ phone scam works

If you haven’t heard about it yet, you’ll hear about it soon enough. The “Can you hear me?” phone scam has been hitting victims across the nation with just a simple question.

Many have been warned of the scam,¬†and have been told to hang-up immediately. But does it really take answering with only a ‘yes’ to go down the scam victim rabbit hole?

Not necessarily.

“The answer ‘Yes’ by itself is not valuable enough for you to be be defrauded,” said Jan Volzke, vice president of reputation data at Hiya, which offers an an app that provides its users with caller ID and spam protection services.

Despite it taking a combination of your personal information and a ‘yes’ that will provide a scammer with what they need to dupe you, it’s important know how you can prevent yourself from becoming a scammer’s next victim. Click on the image below to learn how you can protect yourself from the “Can you hear me?” scam along with scams just like it:



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