Don’t get financially shocked by a utility scam

Scammers have tried and will do just about anything to scam you into handing over your money. In the latest rendition of the phone scam, these con artists are dubbing themselves as a number of utility companies across the nation and informing customers of past due or increased bills that need to be paid immediately or else their power will be shut off.

“These utility scams soared 109 percent last year, according to Hiya, a phone spam protection company,” reports Kathy Kristof of CBS MoneyWatch.

Similar to most other scams, customers are convinced that they need to pay immediately by cash, prepaid debit cards or hand over their┬ápersonal account information, making it easy for scammers to fly under the radar or steal one’s identity and money.

Learn about the three varieties of the utility scam that scammers are using and how you can protect yourself from becoming their next victim by clicking the image below:
utility scam

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