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U.K. Scammers Prey on Consumers’ Fear of Scam Calls

If you didn’t think scammers could get any lower than they already have, don’t hold your breath. They just reached a new low. The most recent tactic hitting the U.K. involves scammers preying on consumers’ fear of becoming a scam call victim.

Robocalls, spam, and scam calls have grown exponentially in the U.K. As such, scammers are taking advantage by targeting consumers and offering a subscription to services that will help block nuisance calls. It’s a fake call offering a fake service to consumers who want protection from actual fraud calls. It’s about as scammy as you can get.

The Guardian reported, “National Trading Standards (NTS) said it was aware of a growing number of scammers making cold calls claiming to be from the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and attempting to extract money for registration or for useless call blocking devices.”

Unfortunately, the caution and fears consumers have of becoming a scam victim has backfired on them. Consumers are making themselves easy targets and can be easily persuaded to register for the number of fake subscriptions scammers are offering.

These fraudulent sales calls not only give scammers the ability to collect a monthly fee for a service that doesn’t actually exist, but it also jeopardizes a customer’s personal and financial information which can be used to steal their identity and finances.

Here are a few tips to avoid being made a fool by scammers:

•If a caller claims they are from Telephone Preference Service (TPS), remember that the TPS will never make cold calls and all of their services are always free.

•Download a reputable phone app that will protect you by identifying and blocking unwanted calls.

•Never share credit card, personal, or financial information over the phone, especially if you have not confirmed that you are talking to a legitimate company.

•If you’ve been a victim or have received a similar call please report it to Citizen’s Advice to help raise awareness and prevent others from becoming the next victim.

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