Political scam calls surge ahead of election

You’ve been bombarded with debates from both candidates during election season, but just when you think you’ve gotten a break, your phone rings and you’ve been targeted for a potential political scam!

But don’t fret, all it takes is the knowledge and awareness of what to look out for to avoid being a scammer’s next political scam victim.

“Hiya, an app offering phone spam protection and enhanced caller ID products and services, researched both legitimate and fraudulent political campaign calls. With data based on hundreds of thousands of political calls each month, legitimate calls from the Clinton and Trump campaigns increased by more than 64% since the beginning of 2016, with July through September offering a 20% growth alone. But political scam calls have soared according to Hiya, to the tune of a 614% increase since the beginning of the year! These political scam calls aim to defraud consumers. There are a few red flags that people should be aware of,” reports Jeanette Pavini of MarketWatch.

Get the inside scoop on the top three political scams by clicking the image below:


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