Scam Alert: Those Campaign Calls May Be a Trick

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are vying for our attention in the last few weeks before we make our decisions for this year’s presidential election.

But as they ramp up their campaign efforts, specifically legitimate political phone calls, scammers are taking advantage of this time of year as well, by jumping on the robocall train.

Fox Business credits Hiya’s “recent review of political robocalls tied to the 2016 presidential elections [that] found that legitimate calls from the Tump and Clinton campaigns have increased by 64% since the beginning of the year, jumping 20% from July to September. At the same time, political scam calls have increased nearly 10 times that amount, up 614% since the beginning of the year.”

Check out where these scams are originating from and what type of scam you should be looking out for during election season by clicking the image below:



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