New call-blocking apps in iOS 10 can stop spammers and scammers before they reach you

We’ve all been bothered by a number of unwanted calls on our iPhones and a number of them are scammers waiting to make us their next victim. But how can we¬†truly protect ourselves as new scams seem to pop-up faster than we can keep up with them?

Cue in iOS 10, with the growing number of scam and robocalls hitting our iPhones today, Apple now allows apps, like Hiya to identify callers as “scammy or spammy, and optionally automatically block them,” says Glenn Fleishman, Senior Contributor, Macworld.

Claiming Hiya as “first out of the gate,” click the image below to check out Fleishman’s take on Hiya’s capabilities on iOS 10 and how you can start blocking nuisance calls before they start!

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