Apple September Event: Why iOS 10 Really Matters

This past Wednesday, Apple unveiled the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in San Francisco, with focus on a number of features that aimed to amp up their smartphone game. All in all, the announcement centered around the following:

Stereo Sound

With not a lot of room left for smartphone hardware innovation, Apple will finally be leveraging their Beats acquisition to offer high-powered stereo sound via their devices. Apple also continued to push the envelope with processor power and battery life with their new A10 Fusion chip, which is not only faster than any other smartphone, but even faster than their high-end iPad. 

Removing Clutter

Much like Apple’s announcement that users will now be able to remove unwanted apps, Apple also announced that with the iPhone 7 they will be removing hardware that they see as irrelevant, making the point that having a wire tethering you to a wire-LESS device is unnecessary. As a result, the new phone will no longer have a headphone jack and instead will have wireless headphones, including – again – a great selection from Beats. In true Apple fashion, they have made the pairing process incredibly simple, removing all the headache and frustration that we’ve come to know from traditional Bluetooth.

Watch Improvements

As for the Apple Watch Series 2, there is indication that it is finally a product that most consumers can consider purchasing without regrets. With true waterproofing, GPS, a better battery life, and integration with the new Apple wireless headphones, the Apple Watch has morphed into a wireless communication device that at some point (soon) may no longer require a phone for connectivity.

iOS 10 is What Really Matters

While all of these hardware improvements are great and all, we at Hiya are way more excited about the new capabilities that iOS 10 (the CallKit API in particular), brings to third-party developers like us. As robo and call spam continues its rapid rise, we are looking forward to leveraging iOS 10 to provide real, meaningful protection from this “scourge”, as FCC Chairman Wheeler put it just a few weeks ago. Much more to come from our end on next week when this new operating system becomes available to iPhone users…



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