Free Yourself from the Worries of Labor Day Scams

With Labor Day just around the corner, thoughts of a three-day weekend, shopping sprees, and BBQs are probably dancing through your head. But don’t let these visions catch you off guard. With every holiday comes a scam, and scammers are looking for the right moment to make you their next victim, especially when you least expect it.

Labor Day may be the day to recognize hard working Americans and the contributions they have given to our country, but it’s obvious this day wasn’t meant to honor the work scammers have put in.

Do yourself a favor and have a stress free Labor Day weekend by celebrating the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country and steering clear from the following Labor Day Scams:

1. Not-So Free Holiday Vacation
It’s the end of summer and all you want to do is take advantage of your last three-day weekend of great weather. What better way but with a vacation; lucky for you, you’ve been flooded with advertisements for “free” vacation giveaways from a number of agencies you haven’t really heard of but why not give it a shot, what do you have to lose? Believe it or not, A LOT!

Most of these advertisements promising free trips, with amazing rooms, and accommodations are a scam. If you are not sure if you’re speaking with a reputable agency, remember that any request for your personal information or payment details is a red-flag.

Before you take the plunge and start planning long walks on the beach, here are a few tips from the FTC to let you know if you’re dealing with a scam:

-You’ve “won a free vacation” – but you have to pay a number of fees
-They ask for your credit card number
-You don’t remember entering a contest but you’ve received a call, text, or email telling you that you’ve won
-They don’t or can’t give you specifics about your vacation
-You’re pressured to sign up for travel clubs for more deals and future vacations

2. Phishing That Reels In Your Personal Information
You may think you’re scoring a great deal while you shop online this weekend, but beware: scammers are perusing the interwebs through social media and sending you emails to entice you with an offer that you just can’t miss. However, instead of getting your hands on a trendy pair of shades, your so-called deal gives your computer a virus that collects all of your personal information before you realize what even hit you.

Don’t put your personal information on the line. If you don’t recognize a deal coming from a viable source, avoid clicking on links and downloading attachments from unsolicited email and text messages.

3. Phony Websites
As you’re searching the internet this weekend, don’t be fooled by copy-cat websites. A number of phony landing pages are being created by scammers to look like real websites and major retailers. When making a purchase on these fake sites, you run the risk of buying a counterfeit item and handing over your financial information in a matter of minutes.

Don’t let a slamming sale deter you from listening to your instincts. While you shop this year’s Labor Day sales, make sure to purchase from websites you trust and know, along with clicking only on emails and social media links that you are familiar with.

4. Charity For Who?
During the holidays, we tend to be more giving, which is the exact state of mind scammers want us to be in. Hoping to tug at our heartstrings, you’ll start noticing that you’re receiving a number of telephone solicitations asking you to donate and raise money for a worthy cause.

Hold it right there. Before you pull out your wallet, do your research and make sure you’re donating to a legitimate charity. Donating directly to a known charity will help avoid the hassle of being duped out of your donation.

Now have a stress-free and safe Labor Day Weekend!

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