Integrated Coverage with the FTC and FCC

Go Data, it’s your birthday.

Bust out your party hats because Hiya is giving out a party favor for all ages. Did someone say pop-rocks???!! No. BETTER.

In order to keep our spam protection at its finest, Hiya has integrated the FCC and FTC’s phone complaint lists into our existing database of spammers. Having these two power houses, both highly trusted in the phone spam industry, is incredible. Plus, it solidifies what we already knew: our coverage is solid. How? Great question. Glad you asked. More than 70% of the numbers reported to the FCC and FTC were already flagged by our own detection service. [Self high five].

However, that doesn’t mean that our improvement train has reached the end of the line. The FCC and FTC issue weekly and biweekly updates to their lists. Therefore, their reports will be continuously integrated into our service (Hiya) and into your lovely hands. On average, the combination of the two lists provides Hiya an additional 7,000 U.S. numbers every two weeks to add to our already solid spam database. Simply put, that means more coverage for our users.

This is just one of the steps that Hiya has taken to directly vet and use third party phone spam information to improve the user experience. Don’t worry, we’re not taking away the power from the people; you can help too! If any of those spammers comes a callin’ (rude), we encourage you to report it through the FTC Complaint Assistant, FCC Complaint Board or Hiya. Either way, we’ll get it, we’ll mark it, and we’ll take it down like pop rocks at a 2nd grade birthday party.

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