The Cool Kids are Doing it: Get Your Number Off the Contact List

We’ve all regretted giving our phone numbers away, and in the words of Cher, wished we “could turn back time” and take it all back. Maybe it was during the first week of college, when a bunch of tents set up near the freshman dorms offered free T-shirts and backpacks in exchange for some personal information. Or possibly you felt pressured to give out your contact info at a social event, even when you didn’t really want to stay in touch with the person you were talking to at the time. It might not even have happened in person, but online, when you shared your phone number and address for a coupon or discount. Whatever the situation we’ve all felt that pang of regret.

A Near Universal Problem

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, or where you live, plenty of people across the country have given out their phone number once and are still dealing with recurring calls and texts that aren’t much more than an annoyance. Unfortunately, these calls and texts aren’t just limited to big companies. They may be coming from small businesses or contacts that you simply don’t want to keep in touch with.

While you may not be able to change the past, there are some useful and powerful solutions you can use to limit and restrict those annoying incoming calls and texts. Hiya offers a number of tools for limiting calls and even blocking them outright, depending on their source.

Is Modern Technology Making It Worse?

Landlines were hit hard when telemarketers rang their way into our households. Walking in the front door at the end of the day and listening to five messages in a row from telemarketers was just plain frustrating. But now as we look back, landlines may have had it easier than what mobile phones are dealing with today.

You probably carry your mobile phone with you no matter where you go. That means that if you get unwanted calls and texts, you get them all throughout the day. No longer are those contacts limited to an answering machine or home phone—you’re putting up with them all day, potentially from when you wake up to when you go to bed.

Controlling and eliminating these ongoing problems

As easy as technology has made it for telemarketers and others to get in touch with you, mobile phones have stepped it up and offer functionality to make it easier for you to detect and block their calls and texts. Hiya uses phone reputation service to tell you when an incoming call is suspected of spam. What’s more, the app’s blocking feature allows you to simply cut off any phone numbers that are annoying you. With Caller ID, you can customize and limit strangers’ access to your phone, letting the people you want to talk to get through and sending all of those unwanted calls and texts back into the ether.

Don’t put up with unwanted calls any longer. Hiya is free and it’s only a download away.

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