Hiya Security

We Provide a Better Phone Experience

(But We Need Your Help...)

At Hiya, our mission is to provide a better phone experience. Our goal is simple - we want to arm you with real-time information and context needed to determine whether or not to pick up an incoming call. For our services to work their best, we request permission to access your Contacts. While we explain why in our privacy policy, here, we explain in more depth why we require access to your phone, and consequently, what we do and do not do with your information.

Why We Access Your Contacts

While we are intensely focused on protecting you from unwanted calls, we are just as concerned with making sure important calls are not missed. Access to Contacts helps us filter out numbers that may look spammy, but are actually legitimate (like your Doctor’s office). We also access Contacts to identify callers under the name you prefer to see, to incorporate new contacts into our caller ID functionality, to enable your ability to add numbers to your blocklist, and to dial numbers from within our smart dialer.

What We Do With Your Contacts

After we access your Contacts, we store them securely in an encrypted format so that we can match the information with numbers from the incoming calls on your phone. We also match your Contacts to information already in our database so that we can provide the most accurate caller ID service to all of our users.

What We Don't Do With Your Contacts

At Hiya, we don’t rely on only your Contacts to derive name information for our caller ID services. Instead, we match your information with all of our data sources, only making it available to users if we are able to validate it against multiple sources, thereby protecting the identity of your contribution to our service.

Hiya's Contact Policy

Hiya does not sell your Contacts’ information to third parties, we don’t use the information to market to your Contacts, nor do we send invites to use our products to your Contacts without your permission.

Correct or Remove Your Information

At Hiya, we want you to be in control of your phone experience which includes providing you with the ability to add, correct or remove your own information from our products and services. Learn more here.