Hiya Security

Protecting You From Unwanted Calls Starts With Protecting Your Personal Data

At Hiya, our mission is to provide a better phone experience. Our goal is simple - we want to arm you with rich real-time information to determine whether or not to pick up an incoming call. We also believe that protecting you from unwanted calls starts with protecting your personal data, especially your phone information. Our privacy philosophy explains how Hiya is committed to privacy, maintaining alignment to strict market regulations, such as California's CCPA, while continuously adapting and improving the services we offer. We explain further detail as to what our privacy policy is, including detail as to why we access your phone, and consequently, what we do and do not do with your information.

Sharing your contacts with us is optional
(If you do, they don't leave your phone)

Although we do not require it, allowing access to your contact list helps us to identify callers under the name you prefer to see, and to filter out numbers that may look spammy, but are actually legitimate for you (like your Doctor's office).

We are not in the business of selling your information

We will never access your personal data without asking your permission. If you do allow Hiya to access your contact list, this information does not leave your phone. Further, Hiya does not sell your phone information to third parties, and we don’t use the information to market to you or anyone else.

Why we access your phone information

We request permission to access your phone so that our services can work their best. Access to your call log is required for our app to work, while access to other data on your phone is strictly optional. If you allow it, access to your phone information allows us to do such things as identify and block unwanted calls for you, and to let you dial numbers from within the Hiya app.

Correct or remove your information with Hiya

At Hiya, we want you to be in control of your phone experience which includes providing you with the ability to change the information you have shared with us as well as add, correct or remove any personal information already available in our products and services. Learn more here.