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Despite the efforts of the FTC to stop unwanted calls with the Do Not Call registry, many consumers are still receiving calls from a number of spam and scam callers who are violating the rules of the list.

As these illegal calls begin to increase, Apple’s new iOS 10 has given third-party apps, like Hiya, the ability to help iPhone users identify and automatically block spam and scam callers quickly.

Texoma’s showcases Hiya and the features we can now provide to iPhone users, thanks to iOS 10. Click on the video below to learn how Hiya has been identifying 400 million phone calls each day and has detected 1 billion spam threats to help consumers block unwanted calls immediately:


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When you first signed up to lead your child’s soccer team, you probably thought the actual coaching would be your main responsibility. But someone should have added team manager and assistant to the job title too! No one told you how much time you’d spend reaching out to other parents to share game locations, order uniforms, assign snack duty, and figure out carpooling. Making sure the team is in the right place at the right time is critical. You’re most likely dealing with multiple phone numbers per family, and keeping them organized can be stressful. That’s where Hiya comes in:

You can control your caller identity so that parents know it’s you who’s calling
Let’s face it. If you were just a soccer coach you’d be all over these tasks. But between communicating with the team, your family, and your work colleagues, you need the option to choose how you appear on your outgoing calls. With Hiya, you can customize how your caller identity to show either your Facebook or your Hiya profile picture and name. So whether you’re calling your boss or your goalie’s mom, you’re giving them the right impression the moment they look at their phone.

You can easily and instantly see who’s calling you
Whether you’re in coach mode, at the office, or enjoying some of your valuable free time, you want to know who’s calling. But what about those telemarketers, scammers, and other unwanted callers who are trying to weasel their way through to you? When the dad of your standout midfielder is calling to let you know your player has been knocked out with a cold all week and can’t play, you want to make sure you answer. When you’re getting the third call for how many days now from a number that’s offering you a “free vacation,” you probably wish you could block it.

Hiya lets you stop those annoying spam calls from coming through in the first place with its powerful block feature, one that includes both phone calls and text messages. When it comes to the people you want to talk to, such as friends, family, and the parents of your players, Hiya gives you the information you need.
Don’t remember Timmy’s father’s name, even though he talked to you after practice on Thursday? If he’s calling you, Hiya will tell you his name before you answer – even if his contact info isn’t saved in your phone.

Want to learn more about Hiya? Watch our video!

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