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Joining the ranks of Samsung, who’s been providing robocall and spam protection to their customers since February after partnering with Hiya (then Whitepages), Google is stepping up their game in the fight against robocalls. Yesterday, Google announced a new version of Google Dialer that includes spam protection features for Nexus and Android One devices.

Google’s move validates the need for providing spam protection out of the box. Apple also made a major announcement but they are taking a different route – they are allowing app developers to provide the solution here. Read our feature in Venture Beat for why we think Apple is not doing enough.

The fight against robocalls is a growing hot topic, and it has become more apparent that carriers are in the hot seat after the FCC’s most recent request to provide a quick, easy, and free spam solution to consumers in the next 30 days. Hiya believes that the problem can only be fully resolved by the carriers by deploying network-based solutions, but these will take some time to become available to users. In the meantime, we will continue to see more solutions from OEMs like Samsung/Google and apps like Hiya. It’s certainly a step in the right direction that we can applaud!

Keep in mind that Google’s solution will only work on a small number of devices. If you are not using a Nexus Device or a Galaxy S7, you can get the industry-leading spam protection by installing the Hiya app on your Android or iOS device.

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Smartphones have made our lives a lot easier but, for some reason, identifying every call hasn’t been as easy with the rise in spam callers. No need to take our word for it; take it from Small Business Trends as they feature Hiya and show how we’re making it easier to see who’s calling.

Learn how Hiya battles phone spam by using call and text identification, real time spam and spam detection and call blocking!

Read Hiya’s coverage in Small Business Trends in the image below:



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Last week, Hiya was invited to attend the Do-Not-Call Law Enforcement Summit in Indiana. The summit was hosted by the nation’s Chief Spam Call prosecutor Greg Zoeller (also know as Indiana Attorney General). More than 50 other states’ AG offices, federal staff of the FCC and various law enforcement bureaus attended as well. For the first time, leading industry representatives of phone spam-blocking solutions were invited to share their real world experiences.

Far Right: Jan Volzke, Hiya Vice President, Data and Reputation Services was invited to attend the Do-Not-Call Law Enforcement Summit in Indiana.
Far Right: Jan Volzke, Hiya Vice President, Data and Reputation Services was invited to attend the Do-Not-Call Law Enforcement Summit in Indiana.

The overwhelming consensus was that we have come a long way in detecting and avoiding unwanted calls. Hiya couldn’t agree more. Just in the United States, Hiya screens more than 400 MM calls and protects consumers from about 20 MM unwanted calls every month. Samsung, the world largest smartphone manufacturer, has integrated Hiya’s Spam Detection in their new Samsung Galaxy S7 device and the majority of T-Mobile US users have access to spam detection as well.

However, more needs to be done to avail such phone spam protection solutions for more consumers. Despite the FCC’s recent decision to officially allow carriers to block unwanted calls on behalf of their subscribers, many of the nation’s top carriers are late in recognizing the urgency in addressing this issue for the sake of protecting their most valuable asset – the telephony network.

Indiana AG Greg Zoeller, Joe Bindbeutel, Chief Counsel of Missouri Consumer Protection division and Bikram Bandy, FTC Chief of the National Do Not Call Program urged both providers and carriers of phone spam protection solutions to come to terms and work together. Solutions from Hiya and other vendors are here, whether integrated into phones, carrier networks or as downloadable apps.

Addressing the state of the industry, Jonathan Mayer, the FTC’s technical expert on this topic, drew an excellent comparison with the rise and defeat of email spam. In comparison with the effectiveness of email spam filtering solutions, carrier’s call blocking offerings today are “over a decade behind”. So it’s time to act.

The pressure is in fact increasing on carriers. After the event’s AG Zoeller’s press conference, I talked to Timothy Marvin, who leads the nation’s largest Anti-Robocall campaign at Consumer Union. Educating carriers about call blocking solutions may soon shift to the next level. CA Congress Woman Jackie Speier introduced the “ROBOCOP” act, which would require carriers to offer such solutions free-of-charge.

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International Business Times welcomes Hiya Inc. and our mission to end robocall and spam texts once and for all.

What was formerly Whitepages Caller ID, came to life when founder Alex Algard saw an opportunity for the company and its services to grow on its own as Hiya Inc.

Get the inside scoop about Hiya Inc. from International Business Times by clicking the image below:



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As Hiya spins off of Whitepages’ caller-ID app, TechCrunch covers our launch and highlights our goal to continue providing our 25 million users reliable caller ID and spam detection services.

You’ll also get an inside look of how Whitepages came to be from the founder himself, Alex Algard, who started it as a project back in 1997 when he was a student at Stanford, and what has now led to the spin off of Hiya!

Check out TechCrunch’s coverage and learn more about Hiya at the image below:



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We may have met in another life once, under a different name: Whitepages Caller ID. Don’t worry, it wasn’t a fake name to throw you off (we’re all about keeping identities real). We have set off as our own company, changed our name, got a makeover and man, are we excited!

A little background to guide our story: In 1997, a digital identity company named Whitepages launched in Seattle. In 2008, the company launched Whitepages Caller ID, a mobile business, and it has been a mover and a shaker ever since. Recently, as Whitepages Caller ID’s successes continued to grow, we realized we could make this product bigger – better – on our own. Long story short, here we are and darn glad to meet you!

So what is Hiya? What do you get with Hiya? Excellent question; glad you asked. For those experienced with Whitepages Caller ID, you’re getting the exact same high-quality services that you did before. Difference is, you’ll have a cleaner, slicker user-experience, with an updated look and feel to match our new identity. For those who are new to our space (welcome!), you can expect:

Caller Identification

Hiya has more than 600 million active mobile and landline numbers in the US and over 1.5 billion unique numbers on a global scale. So yes, we can tell you who’s on the other end of the line, regardless of whether they are in your contacts. We’re taking the guess work out of “to answer or not to answer.” Whether you want to avoid that distant relative is completely up to you.

Spam and Scam Protection

If it acts like a duck and quacks like a duck… we shoot the duck. (Not literally! Don’t report us to PETA). Hiya analyzes more than 400 million calls per month to provide users with alerts on the latest phone spam threats. We’ll keep you up to date on scams so you can stay safe. If a duck squeaks through the quacks (HA!), users can easily report that number to help protect the community.

Block Unwanted Calls

We know we’re not the only one who ever re-named a number in their address book as “BY THE BEARD OF ZEUS, DON’T ANSWER”. It’s easier now: Hiya lets users block unwanted callers, and provides an auto-blocker that keeps known scam numbers from ever ringing through to a user’s phone.

Needless to say, it’s pretty awesome, but there’s more! Come on down and you’ll also gain access to in-call location sharing (you’ll wonder how you lived without it), the ability to look-up any unknown number, and enhanced contact management.

Can you feel our excitement? Simply put, we are undeniably passionate about making today’s mobile calling experience better for all of us. We’re ecstatic to introduce you to Hiya and can’t wait to make a lasting impact!

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