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Remember the days where the only calls you’d get, were calls that you actually wanted to pick up. Gone are those days, and now we’re living in a time where a majority of the calls we do receive are unwanted spam and scam calls.

We may not have found a solution to get rid of these annoying calls forever, but we have found a way you can block these calls and stop them from ever ringing through your phone.

Now that you’ve updated your iPhone to iOS 10, you can benefit from Hiya’s ability to block any call you wish to block. Hiya’s Vice President of Product, Mayur Kamat, shows you how easy it is to enable all spam and scam to no longer ring on your device:

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 from Blasting News takes a deep dive into Hiya’s updated app for iOS 10. With spam calls on the rise and users falling victim daily, Apple’s CallKit extension, that allows 3rd party developers to access the phone platform, is a welcome change. Now, unknown calls can be identified and known spammers and scammers can be kept at bay.

To learn about Hiya and how the app can help protect your phone, click on the image below.

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Previously limited to spam reporting, a spam-check dialer and reverse phone lookup, now with the introduction of iOS 10 and Apple’s CallKit framework, Hiya can now provide iphone users the complete call and spam blocking experience.

“The company says its app, also available on Android (4.6 star rating with more than 250,000 reviews), provides more accurate and better real-time results compared to similar iOS apps. Hiya not only works for incoming calls but also warns users about potentially fishy outbound calls.”

Check out GeekWire’s coverage on the protection iPhone users can now get from Hiya by clicking the video below:


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The Day of the iPhone has arrived. The day of development, that is. For the first time, Apple is giving third-party developers access to the device’s phone platform. Which means better call protection, because that’s what a phone is for, right? Making calls and receiving calls? Or, as your iPhone stands today, probably avoiding calls.

I thought Hiya already worked on iPhones?

You’re not wrong. Hiya has been available for iPhone since we started, but due to the block-out of the phone platform, the protection wasn’t as strong as what we could offer Android users. Now, if your family and friends are anything like mine, iPhones reign king… with one exception: my dad. I tried to use his Android once. I finally understood how my mom felt when I was teaching her how to use our first computer and I’M SORRY, MOM. iPhone users are a dedicated group and now that developers can offer the same level of call protection on both iPhone and Android, it doesn’t look like Apple’s attrition will decrease anytime soon.

What’s new with Hiya 3.0? Excellent question. Glad you asked.

Integrated spam and fraud identification

  • Robocalls and telemarketers will be identified when your phone rings. Your home screen will show the call as “Suspected Spam” or “Scam or Fraud.”

Auto-blocking capabilities for scam and robocalls

  • The day of dreams has arrived. Hiya 3.0 can auto-block all nuisance calls. Calls known to be illegal, such as fraud and phishing, will be auto-blocked. Calls associated with a high volume of unwanted activities will be flagged as “Suspected Spam”.

Personal blocklist

  • You want a number blocked? Of course, you do! No problem. Add the number, we’ll block it.

Smart dialer

  • The Hiya dialer keeps you protected, even with outbound calls. If you dial the number of a known spammer from within our dialer, we’ll give you the heads up. Then, you can choose whether to continue your call or cancel. The more you use the dialer, the smarter it will be. Because technology.

Reverse phone lookup

  • Want to see information about a recent caller? Look up the number and see its threat level, recent reports, location, phone number, and service provider.

Integrated caller ID

  • Caller i-den-ti-fi-ca-tion for businesses and people. Simple!

What makes us different?

Even better question. I knew you were smart. This is crucial to note because there are a lot of other apps who sound similar to us out there. Here’s what makes us better:

Them: Other caller ID and call blocking apps rely on publicly available lists, such as those provided by the FTC and FCC. Unfortunately, these lists are usually outdated as spammers change their phone numbers as often as a new parent changes diapers.

Us: Hiya provides reputation information based on real-time signals that identify spammers within minutes. Also called “heuristics” for those technologically-minded or those looking for a new “word of the day”. These signals protect you from the latest scams before they get to mass scale. We also customize spam protection and caller ID to your area code and calling patterns, providing personalized protection and fast performance.

TLDR; Hiya has algorithm-based call blocking and spam protection and, unlike the other guys, doesn’t rely solely on publicly available information. We are proactive; they are reactive. You should give us a try.

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VP of Product, Mayur Kamat, weighs in on Apple’s recent announcement to allow third party developers to build anti-spam features. Whereas Android has always allowed developers this kind of freedom, Apple has been severely late to the game. While it’s a step in the right direction that Apple has acknowledged the growing problem of phone spam, there are limitations to their offering and more needs to be done.

To learn more about what this could mean for your iPhone and what it also *won’t* mean, click on the image below.


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