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Thanks to iOS 10, you can now say good-bye to receiving all those unexpected phone calls from scammers and local telemarketers on your iPhone!

As you update your iPhone to the latest version of iOS, you’ll be able to take advantage of how third-party apps, like Hiya, can now identify and automatically block unwanted calls.

Raving about Hiya’s free application, Lets Unlock iPhone gives you a step-by-step guide to how you can start blocking unwanted spam calls on your iPhone once you download the Hiya app. Check it out, oh and let’s not forget the iPhone 7’s new waterproof feature, by clicking the image below:


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 from Blasting News takes a deep dive into Hiya’s updated app for iOS 10. With spam calls on the rise and users falling victim daily, Apple’s CallKit extension, that allows 3rd party developers to access the phone platform, is a welcome change. Now, unknown calls can be identified and known spammers and scammers can be kept at bay.

To learn about Hiya and how the app can help protect your phone, click on the image below.

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Previously limited to spam reporting, a spam-check dialer and reverse phone lookup, now with the introduction of iOS 10 and Apple’s CallKit framework, Hiya can now provide iphone users the complete call and spam blocking experience.

“The company says its app, also available on Android (4.6 star rating with more than 250,000 reviews), provides more accurate and better real-time results compared to similar iOS apps. Hiya not only works for incoming calls but also warns users about potentially fishy outbound calls.”

Check out GeekWire’s coverage on the protection iPhone users can now get from Hiya by clicking the video below:


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First it was the iPhone 7, then it was iOS 10, and now we’re happily announcing that Hiya is here for iOS! Using the iOS 10 CallKit framework, Hiya can now identify and block spam calls on iPhones.

Mayur Kamat, Hiya’s vice president for products, said in a statement to International Business Times: “With the integration of the new CallKit Directory extension, iOS users finally have a call blocking app they can depend on to fight intrusive robo and spam calls that have invaded our mobile phones. We are excited to bring the power of our real-time reputation engine and quality of our algorithms to protect iPhone users.”

Learn more about Hiya and the benefits you can now get as an iPhone user by clicking the video below:



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