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Remember the days where the only calls you’d get, were calls that you actually wanted to pick up. Gone are those days, and now we’re living in a time where a majority of the calls we do receive are unwanted spam and scam calls.

We may not have found a solution to get rid of these annoying calls forever, but we have found a way you can block these calls and stop them from ever ringing through your phone.

Now that you’ve updated your iPhone to iOS 10, you can benefit from Hiya’s ability to block any call you wish to block. Hiya’s Vice President of Product, Mayur Kamat, shows you how easy it is to enable all spam and scam to no longer ring on your device:

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When the Chairman of the FCC comes to visit your headquarters, you know you’re doing something right. We at Hiya were thrilled to learn that, in addition to Chairman Wheeler’s visits to big names like Boeing, Microsoft and T-Mobile, he would be visiting our offices as well. He met with our leadership team and members of our Reputation Data team to learn all about our fight against robocalls. Sounds like he liked what he saw!

Hiya is on the forefront of robocall blocking technology, using sophisticated algorithms and a large database to identify and block unwanted calls at the network of end-user level.

Tom Wheeler, FCC Chairman

To learn more about the Chairman’s trip to Seattle and see what he has to say about Hiya, click on the image below.

wheeler visited hiya

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From satisfying hunger pains to grooming Fido to dry cleaning that suit before a 1 p.m. meeting, Yelp has made local search easier as the go-to source to quickly find a reliable, user-reviewed business to help fulfill our everyday needs.

With only one touch away from our favorite businesses, how much better, you ask, can Yelp’s plethora of reviews and local business information get?

Well, they’ve raised their game and today have launched the Yelp Fusion Developer Program, which, through the new Yelp Fusion API, provides third party developers like us with more tools that will help us offer even more local information to consumers.

You may be wondering, what does this have to do with Hiya and my searching endeavors? Well, as we support Yelp’s new program, we’ll be able to better leverage their API to empower our Samsung Galaxy S7 and Note 7 users with the ability to search for local businesses without ever leaving their phone’s app.

Case in point, are you craving pizza? Well, check this out, say goodbye to the days of popping in and out of the Hiya app and your internet browser to find the closest, yet most delicious pizzeria. And say hello to multi-tasking with ease thanks to Hiya:


Once you’ve found where you’ll be enjoying a piece of cheesy, meaty, pizza doughy goodness, you’ll be able to place the order, save the number to your contacts, and be on your way to pizza heaven:


“Hiya’s use of Yelp data is a great example of the innovation possible through our new Yelp Fusion API,” said Chad Richard, SVP Business & Corporate Development at Yelp. “Our goal is to make people’s lives easier by connecting them to the best local information wherever they’re looking for it, and it’s exciting to work with a partner like Hiya that shares that mission.”





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20 years ago, Alex Algard bought the Whitepages.com domain for $900. 20 years later, to the day, marked his last day of employment with Whitepages. What started as a side project in his dorm room at Stanford has now turned into a successful, growing business. With Rob Eleveld taking the helm as CEO for Whitepages, Alex will now focus full-time on Hiya. Since our spin-out on April 27, Alex has been doing dual-CEO duty which is no small feat!

To read more about Alex’s history (fascinating!) and his recent decision to focus on Hiya, click on the image below.

algard ceo

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When you meet someone for the first time, it’s not always easy to remember a name or tie a face and name together. Even the most reliable people have a hard time remembering the most crucial details after meeting a handful of people at one time.

Aside from being polite when trying to remember names, it also becomes an issue that can impact your social and professional lives. Forgetting the name of your neighbor’s boss means it will be more difficult to follow up on that job offer, or knowing that you’re going to have to remember the name of your son’s best friend’s dad will eventually come into play. But wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to make the process more automatic and less of a struggle?

It Doesn’t Have to Be This Hard

The name-and-face game doesn’t have to be a dance around the issue of running into a new acquaintance whose name you don’t quite remember or whose face you’re having trouble placing. Instead of only relying on your memory—powerful, sure, but not always reliable—the solution is sitting right in your pocket: your smartphone.

With the free Hiya app, you can tie together names, numbers and faces. It’s time to swap out your classic desktop Rolodex for your phone, the modern version that has the added benefit containing pictures along with addresses, and phone numbers.

The Hiya app is a tool that can get you out of many awkward social moments. When you see someone you recognize, but whose name you can’t quite remember, try checking your phone. If they’re also a Hiya user and you’ve saved them as a contact, then you’ll have their name and photo right at your fingertips.

By seamlessly integrating Hiya with your social network like Facebook, your phone does most of the work related to remembering names and faces for you. Hiya users that you’ve stored as a contact will automatically show the person’s most up-to-date profile picture and name. There’s no more worrying about an unrecognized number calling your phone, or trying to remember who “Cindy from Work Conference” is, or if another number is that telemarketer that won’t give up because you can see exactly who is calling you.

A Useful Tool, Right in Your Pocket

No matter where you go, there’s always the potential to meet new people who are currently or will soon become involved in your life. Wouldn’t it be nice to meet them, add them to your contacts, and not have to worry about remembering a name, face, or number the next time one of you wants to get in touch? By downloading the Hiya app, you can.

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Spam and scam – two words that look and sound very similar. To many people, they essentially mean the same: trouble. Here at Hiya, we use these words a lot when we talk about phone security. As we continue to follow our mission of protecting our users from unwanted calls, we want to make sure that they know how to identify a spam or scam call.

We’ve found however, that the lines can become blurry between a spam versus a scam call. So we’re taking a moment to set the record straight and find out what the real difference is.  

A Bunch of Junk – Spam Calls Explained

Our Data and Reputation Services team are experts when it comes to detecting the newest phone spam or scam. They know what distinguishes a spam from a scam call and what you should do if you get one. This is how Jan Volzke, our VP of Reputation Services, explains a spam call,

“Spam calls are similar to email spam in the sense that they’re a form of unwanted communication. Spam calls and text messages are distributed in bulk and in most cases unsolicited, which means they occur without any prior request. Examples may include telemarketers, who are typically live agents hoping to sell their legitimate (albeit unsolicited) services. Another variant of spam calls are robocalls, which deliver a pre-recorded voice statement with the same goal of a sale. Like email spam, robocalls are illegal without prior consent.”

It is also interesting to monitor the call patterns of Spam calls. Call patterns exhibit unique characteristics that allow sophisticated heuristic algorithms to identify Spam calls. Here is a pattern for a number used by Telemarketers:

The pattern shows that Telemarketers consistently make a large number of calls over a long period of time. The daily volumes do not vary by much.

Cheats, Thieves, Swindlers – Meet the Scammers

Here is how Jan defines a scam call,

“Scam calls are a form of fraudulent activity with the goal of stealing your money or your information. Similar to email scams, phone scams often present a bargain for merchandise, or something completely free (such as a free prize or winning a contest). Others demand payment for actions that victims have not done or services not ordered, including missing jury duty or payments on an outstanding debt like unpaid taxes or utility bills. Scams may arrive in form of either calls or text messages and should be blocked or deleted.”

Call patterns for Scam calls are completely different. Since these are criminals, they use one number for a short duration of time and quickly discard it. Here is the call pattern for a number used to propagate an IRS scam. The lifespan of the number is very short and the volumes are bursty in nature – a few days of large amounts of calls, followed by a long period of no activity.


Scam calls are harder to identify because of how short their lifespan is. Criminals are getting smarter and frequently switching numbers to avoid detection. Most anti-spam solutions that rely on user reports are ineffective against scam callers for this very reason.  Advanced heuristics-based call pattern analysis and machine learning algorithms help detect scam calls.

Whether it’s a spam or a scam call, the best thing to do is avoid engaging with these numbers. If you happen to pick up a call that seems suspicious, hang up immediately. An unwanted call may at best be annoying and at worst may lead consumers into costly traps.

If you want to put an end to all those pesky calls, we’ve got you covered. The Hiya mobile app provides you with real-time alerts of incoming calls that are marked as suspected spam or scam. By blocking and blacklisting numbers, you can stop repeat spammers and scammers from ever ringing through to you. Say bye to spam and scam with Hiya.

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When you first signed up to lead your child’s soccer team, you probably thought the actual coaching would be your main responsibility. But someone should have added team manager and assistant to the job title too! No one told you how much time you’d spend reaching out to other parents to share game locations, order uniforms, assign snack duty, and figure out carpooling. Making sure the team is in the right place at the right time is critical. You’re most likely dealing with multiple phone numbers per family, and keeping them organized can be stressful. That’s where Hiya comes in:

You can control your caller identity so that parents know it’s you who’s calling
Let’s face it. If you were just a soccer coach you’d be all over these tasks. But between communicating with the team, your family, and your work colleagues, you need the option to choose how you appear on your outgoing calls. With Hiya, you can customize how your caller identity to show either your Facebook or your Hiya profile picture and name. So whether you’re calling your boss or your goalie’s mom, you’re giving them the right impression the moment they look at their phone.

You can easily and instantly see who’s calling you
Whether you’re in coach mode, at the office, or enjoying some of your valuable free time, you want to know who’s calling. But what about those telemarketers, scammers, and other unwanted callers who are trying to weasel their way through to you? When the dad of your standout midfielder is calling to let you know your player has been knocked out with a cold all week and can’t play, you want to make sure you answer. When you’re getting the third call for how many days now from a number that’s offering you a “free vacation,” you probably wish you could block it.

Hiya lets you stop those annoying spam calls from coming through in the first place with its powerful block feature, one that includes both phone calls and text messages. When it comes to the people you want to talk to, such as friends, family, and the parents of your players, Hiya gives you the information you need.
Don’t remember Timmy’s father’s name, even though he talked to you after practice on Thursday? If he’s calling you, Hiya will tell you his name before you answer – even if his contact info isn’t saved in your phone.

Want to learn more about Hiya? Watch our video!

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WFSB Channel 3 News met a woman in Chester, Connecticut who wasn’t fooled when she received an unsolicited call from Washington State. The caller had told her he was from the IRS and if she didn’t pay them, she’d be arrested.

Lucky for her, she trusted her instincts, but not all IRS scam victims are so lucky. WFSB speaks with Hiya’s Jan Volzke who developed an app that is designed to identify scammers.

Click on the video below to learn more about Hiya and how it can prevent you from becoming the next IRS Scam victim:


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Have you ever had a call that clearly says it’s a local call, but come to find out you’ve just gotten a call from an annoying telemarketer?

This is what is known as, “call spoofing,” and it’s happening across the U.S. 10 News WTSP interviews Hiya’s very own product manager, Jonathan Nelson, who explains how the multibillion-dollar industry is being abused by spam and scam callers just so you answer your phone.

Check it out the coverage in the video below:


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Whitepages is spinning out its popular CallerID app into a new company called Hiya! Geekwire gets the inside scoop from Whitepages CEO Alex Algard who will also be the CEO of the new startup.

“It’s really all about focus on a business that increasingly has fewer synergies with Whitepages,” Algard tells Geekwire.

Learn more about Hiya and their team of 40, who will be working out of the Whitepages office in Seattle by clicking the video below:



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