Holidays Trigger Scammers into Targeting UK Amazon Shoppers

As stockings are hung, trees are trimmed, and holiday shopping begins, it’s no surprise that when it comes to shopping, most of us have migrated to ONLINE SHOPPING.

With that being said, whether it be a limited edition of the Complete Hardcover Collection of Harry Potter or the non-stick pan from “As Seen On TV” for your last minute White Elephant Gift, Amazon has always been our source to find such things. Unfortunately, being the popular go-to-shopping site that they’ve become, scammers in the UK have picked up on the trend and are now targeting Amazon shoppers with unwanted charges for Amazon Prime memberships.

Using robocall techniques, a victim will receive a call stating they have been charged for an Amazon Prime subscription. They are then told to press 1, and are connected to a scammer posing as an Amazon representative as they attempt to cancel the subscription.

The scammer then informs the victim that the subscription was purchased fraudulently and that they will need remote access to the victim’s computer in order to fix the security flaw.

The victim is then asked to download an application called ‘Team Viewer’ and asked to log into their online banking account. Unfortunately, the combination of the two then gives the scammer access not only to the victim’s computer but also to both their personal and financial information, allowing them to steal personal funds right from under their nose.

As of last month, £400,000 have been stolen from unsuspecting victims in the UK. Police officials are now warning citizens to, “look into call blockers/filters from your phone provider and just remember if you are unsure, just put the phone down and never give out your persona information over the phone.”

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