Scammers Use Hot Political Topics to Target Victims

Political issues are always a hot topic and we all know they can catch anyone’s attention if it’s a debate one feels very strongly about. And unfortunately, as 2020 election campaigns heat up, robocallers are now using our political views to their advantage by discussing political issues to lure us into one of their scams.

How It Works

Robocallers will disguise themselves as politicians and even attempt to sound just like prominent representatives like President Trump or Nancy Pelosi.

Once they’re able to keep a victim on the line, they will continue to discuss political issues like the border wall, which “is currently a popular topic for these calls,” reported the Better Business Bureau. They then request that the victim make donations to their chosen political cause by requesting they share personal and financial information.

How to Avoid Becoming A Victim

  1. If you receive an unexpected call from an unfamiliar number claiming to be a representative from a political party, be wary of the caller or hang up immediately.
  2. Be aware that scammers can spoof numbers to make them look like they are local or legitimate calls. If you pick up an unexpected call, hang up immediately and do not interact with the caller.
  3. Never share personal or financial information to unexpected callers or businesses you have not confirmed are legitimate.
  4. If you have been a victim or have received a call similar to this scam, help others from becoming targeted by filing a complaint with the FCC.

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