Successful Turn Out for Hiya’s First Scala at the Sea Meet Up

For many companies, the desire to connect with top talent in the industry, may seem limited to LinkedIn, job boards, referrals and other recruiting tools.

However, at Hiya, we go the extra mile. We attend and sponsor conferences and meet ups but also connect with our talent by opening our doors to different groups and individuals in the local tech community who are interested in connecting, building new relationships, sharing knowledge, exchanging best practices, discussing lessons learned in the industry, and much more.

Yesterday, we hosted a “Scala at the SEA” meet up in our Seattle office. We had over 60 attendees, pizza, beer, and engaging conversations around “building microservices API in 15 minutes” and “Systematic Software with Scala.”

“The Scala at the Sea meet up was a smashing success,” said Keetaek Hong, Hiya Director of Engineering. “It was an opportunity to validate how vibrant the Scala scene is here in Seattle. I was surprised to learn that so many companies have adopted Scala for their production language. I look forward to the next event.”

Not only do events like these serve the purpose of finding new talent, but it gives our employees the opportunity to present their knowledge and learn from professionals within the industry.

We’re always interested in sponsoring and hosting technical meetups. Please feel free to reach out if you have any ideas at

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