Hiya Announces Business Clear to Enhance the Accuracy of its Spam Detection Service

Believe it or not, businesses have it tough out there. The phone call space is so flooded with malicious and unwanted phone calls that people are increasingly reluctant to pick up calls from unfamiliar numbers. For legitimate and useful businesses, this means their calls go unanswered since consumers cannot differentiate them from all the noise. Making matters even worse are some of the call blocking solutions that flag genuine calls as scam due to poor spam detection intelligence, combined with a lack of knowledge into how different industries use phone calls. By severely inflating the scam problem and exaggerating or mis-classifying calls as scam, consumers are left never trusting the phone.

But at Hiya, we want to work differently. Our main mission is to make it worthwhile for everyone to answer the phone again, which of course starts with industry-leading spam detection that works in real time to identify and even block unwanted calls. But we also want to shield legitimate businesses from being wrongly caught up in over-aggressive spam detection or spoof attacks. So we’re pleased to introduce Business Clear: a new enhancement to our spam detection offering that is designed to ensure wanted calls from legitimate businesses are always able to get through.

Business Clear operates on more than 10 million businesses in the United States, with special focus on some key categories that suffer the most from being flagged incorrectly:

  • Banks & Financial Services
  • Higher Education
  • Insurance Providers
  • Credit Card & Loan Services
  • Legal Service Providers

In addition, extra protection is provided to those industries deemed most critical, which will never be caught up in a spam filtering block by Hiya. These include:

  • Hospitals
  • Elementary Schools
  • Police Departments
  • Fire Departments
  • National Emergency Services
  • 911 Departments

With Business Clear, Hiya helps to make sure answering the phone becomes worthwhile again. After all, the goal isn’t to stop every call completely, the goal is to connect people and businesses together in meaningful ways.

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