A Peek Into the Life of Hiya Mobile Client Team Intern: Amanpreet Singh

Hello! I’m Aman and I’m a Software Engineer Intern at Hiya. I just got back from a 2 p.m. coffee break with my team and as I write this post, I’m sitting in the Great Room enjoying my coffee and looking out at the great view of the Puget Sound through Downtown Seattle.

Coffee breaks and beautiful views is only a sliver of what being an intern at Hiya is all about. I work with the Mobile Client Team that builds all of Hiya’s mobile applications. Since I joined, I got accustomed to the company and their code fairly quickly, owing to a great mentorship program at Hiya. The work I was assigned was designed to make it easier for me to start making an impact right from the beginning.

Starting off with minor improvements and bug fixes, I was soon given the exciting task of building a brand new Smart Dial feature for the Hiya app. I received a lot of valuable guidance and also enjoyed autonomy and ownership of the code I wrote. The tools and technology used at Hiya are at the cutting edge of modern development and I was able to learn a lot throughout my internship. My project was challenging, incredibly rewarding and I take pride in knowing that it will soon be in the hands of hundreds of thousands of people around the globe!

Life at Hiya has been so much more than just the work we do. We go to coffee together every day, we go on hikes, take the ferry across the lake for lunch, hold meetings to share vacation photos and are always pulling each other’s legs. I’ve truly enjoyed my time at Hiya, made lots of memories and fallen in love with Seattle.

Thanks for having me!

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