Phone Carriers Don’t Have Immunity Against Scammers Either

If you’ve received an unexpected call from AT&T’s Customer Service, guess what you’re being SPOOFED by scammers!

Posing as AT&T Customer Service agents, scammers are using robocall technology to contact AT&T customers and notify that there has been an issue with their internet service due to a security breach. The targeted customer is then asked to “press 1” to talk with a representative.

The Federal Trade Commission is warning the public to avoid “pressing 1” or calling back any numbers claiming to be AT&T Customer Service. Responding will notify scammers that your number is active, resulting in repeated calls from scammers in the future.

It’s best to hang up immediately. If you receive this type of call, never give out personal information over the phone, and report the call immediately to the FTC.

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