CBS This Morning: As robocalls skyrocket, is the government doing enough to stop them?

To help kick-off the FCC and FTC’s joint forum on “Fighting the Scourge of Illegal Robocalls” in Washington D.C. this morning, CBS This Morning chatted with Hiya CEO Alex Algard about the rise in unwanted robocalls.¬†Algard will be joining an FCC panel on Solutions and Tools for Consumers at today’s forum.

“Consumers received more than 18 billion unwanted calls in 2017, according to the tech company Hiya — a 76 percent increase from the year before. Robocalls are the No. 1 complaint consumers make to the government,” reported Anna Werner of CBS.

To learn more about the rise in robocalls and how services like Hiya and the FCC plan to stop robocalls from coming in, click on the video below:


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