insideARM: FTC Bans Three Scammers From Posing as Debt Collectors

For those who were targeted by scammers posing as lawyers and falsely threatening to sue or arrest them for failing to pay their so-called debts, justice has been served! The Federal Trade Commission has reached a settlement against three defendants and have banned them from the debt collection business.

“The settlement resolves an FTC complaint filed in July 2017, alleging that the defendants told consumers they were attorneys or calling from a law firm and that a lawsuit or criminal action had been filed or soon would be filed against them. insideARM wrote about the case at that time. The FTC also alleged that, to coerce some people into paying the phantom debts, the defendants threatened them with prison time or claimed police would come to their house to arrest them. The court halted the operation and froze its assets pending litigation,” reports CEO of insideARM, Stephanie Eidelman.

To learn more about the FTC’s settlement, click here to read Eidelman’s report.


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