Hiya and Convergys Offer Call Protection to Communication Service Providers

Phone spammers are constantly evolving their tactics in order to find new ways to weasel their way through to consumers. Most of the time they are posing as illegitimate representatives of legitimate businesses, leaving many victims wondering who they can really trust, and if there will ever be a solution to make the flood of unwanted calls stop.

We are pleased to announce that Hiya has partnered with Convergys Network Solutions, a division within Convergys that is a leading provider of smart online charging and fully featured call completion technologies, to provide a solution for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) that will introduce preventative measures to fight against fraudulent phone spam activities. Together, Hiya and Convergys will offer services that block unwanted calls, thereby helping their customers uphold their brand trust.

To illustrate the growth in unwanted calls made to consumers, and the network solutions available to CSPs, Convergys Network Solutions has pulled together the following report entitled: “Fraud and Security: How can operators effectively stand up and lead the charge against fraudulent calls?”. The report is an in-depth look at how operators can effectively protect customers and their reputation amongst the ever-growing slew of nuisance calls. Learn more by clicking below:


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