Hiya iOS Now Allows Users to Filter & Block Text Messages

With the release of iOS 11, we are happy to announce version 4.0 of our Hiya app for iOS!  Here are some of the great new features and improvements that we have added to the app:

SMS Message Filtering

In addition to protecting you from spam callers, Hiya can now protect you from spam SMS and MMS messages!

Enabling it is pretty easy, but it’s done in the Settings app, not in Hiya. Once you have the Hiya 4.0 app installed on iOS 11, launch the Settings app, then go into Messages and tap “Unknown & Spam”. You should see Hiya under the SMS FILTERING option. Turn on the switch and you are protected!

Hiya Message Filtering

Once this feature is enabled, any new SMS or MMS message received (not iMessage and not in your Contacts) is sent anonymously to Hiya where we give it a thumbs-up or thumbs-down based on what we know about that sender. iOS then takes our recommendation and places it in the proper tab in Messages. Hiya does not store the contents of the text messages it reviews.

Now when you use the Messages app, you will see two tabs: One for normal/safe iMessages and SMS messages, and a new tab for all of the SMS Junk messages that have been detected by Hiya:

SMS Junk Call Log

These filtered messages come in silently without a notification sound or vibration, but you will still see a number badge on the Messages icon so you know that it’s there.

When you look at the filtered message, you’ll see a note that it was filtered by Hiya, so you know we are doing our job!

Filtered by Hiya

Remember, this only works on iOS 11, so make sure to upgrade your iPhone’s operating system today so that you can start using this great new feature.

Better Blocking

No need to do anything new here. If you set those options to Block in the app — we’ll take care of the rest and you should see fewer annoying spam and scam calls than ever before!

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