Hiya Updates Android: Faster and More Visually Appealing

Imagine a time when there were no computers, no internet, or even crazier, no smart phones. A few of you may be hyperventilating at the thought. However, older generations may think differently.

Now, take a step back and imagine your grandparents magically becoming younger, more hip, and ahead of all the newest technology, without you having to be at their beck and call when it comes to using Facebook, or stopping those dumb scam and spam callers from ringing into their phones.

Crazy thought, right?

Well, for us it’s not our grandparents who are making an upgrade in the technological world, but the Hiya app itself! (Our code was about nine years old which has hampered us from making any significant innovations or upgrades for you all, so it’s about time that we did, right?)

Just like your grandparents becoming a younger, hipper and a more technologically savvy version of themselves, the Hiya app is now faster and will provide our users better caller ID visuals with its most recent update.

Previously, it would take up to 10 minutes to update and identify a user’s call log and only 0.2% of features were tested for issues. Also, at about 270 places where random failures would occur in the app, Hiya’s mobile-client team has worked their magic to speed things up!

Behind the scenes, the Hiya app now takes 3 seconds to load a user’s call log information, has a 40% coverage rate to test all issues, and does not allow any irregularities to occur. If something fails, we handle it immediately.

For the Hiya App Development team, the update was a process to make the app more appealing and functional. From the user’s perspective, the best part is how fast it now functions and identifies calls. Additionally, the Hiya app can now provide new features without any interruptions on the user’s end.

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