It’s Not Just You: Robocalls and Phone Scams Are Absolutely on the Rise

The rate of robocalls is growing so quickly that the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration has reported that IRS scammers have netted $54 million from victims since October 2013. Before, consumers realized they’ve been hit by a scammer, these culprits have a new rendition of scam up their sleeves.

What to do? The FTC advises consumers to be proactive about protecting themselves. “Play hard to get. These scammers want you to say yes as quickly as possible, so never give into a caller who pressures you to make up your mind on the spot, the FTC warns.”

Want instant protection on your smart phone? Money credits phone apps like the Hiya app. “It is free and designed to identify and block a variety of robocalls, including telemarketers, debt collectors and scam calls.” To learn more click the image below:

robocall strike force

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