Attorneys General Across the U.S. Demand New Rules Against Spoofing

If you thought you were sick and tired of the number of spam and scam callers tricking you into picking up their so-called local calls, you’re not the only one.

This past Monday, 29 state attorney generals sent the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) a letter demanding that they follow through with new rules that would block all illegal calls from spoofing consumers.

The FCC made a request for public comment on rules that would allow providers to block “spoofed” calls, followed by their proposed $120 million fine for a massive caller ID spoofing operation.

Urging that the FCC adopt rules as soon as possible, the AGs’ letter states that the FCC has already identified robocalls as the “number one consumer complaint…and by removing regulatory roadblocks and collaborating with the telecommunications industry, the FCC can address the illegal robocall issue.”

They continue to state that if the FCC allows providers to block calls, there will be little risk, and despite the rules not blocking every illegal robocall, it will be a step towards the right direction to decrease the number of spoofing, and will assist law enforcement to track down scammers successfully.

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