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Scotland Healthcare Jeopardized by Scammers

Most people are trying to find a good deal on just about anything. However, if it’s a deal that could cost your health or the health of your bank account, it’s not worth it.

Recently, Scottish residents have been getting duped out of proper health care. Not only that, but they’re getting scammed out of their hard earned cash too! Scammers are posing as NHS certified clinics, such as Inverurie Health Centre, and convincing individuals that their health needs and prescribed medications can be swapped out with herbal supplements.

Once scammers convince a victim to switch their prescriptions to herbal supplements, they request bank or credit card information for payment. After providing the scammers with the requested information, the victim’s account is debited but they never receive the product. Adding insult to injury, many victims will also have their identities stolen and see additional charges from their bank or on their credit card.

“Please be advised that under no circumstances would the NHS or any company we work with be advising patients to buy herbal medication rather than what they have already been prescribed,” NHS Highland told

Here are a few red flags you should be aware of in case you get a call from an NHS scammer:

  1. NHS clinics and companies will never call a patient asking for bank or credit card information. It’s best to never give personal information to an unknown caller unless you’ve confirmed they are from a legitimate agency.
  2. Do not give personal or medical information to an unknown caller. If you do get this request, hang-up the phone and contact your surgery, clinic, or social work department in regards to the request.
  3. If you have been targeted or have been a victim of this scam, report and alert the NHS Counter Fraud team at 0800 015 1628.

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