Hiya 3.6

How to Enable Improved Spam ID with Hiya iOS

This week, Hiya 3.6 was released with an update to our iOS app. Internally, we’ve been eagerly anticipating this version. Externally, you probably have too.

Hiya 3.6 is bringing stronger spam identification to your mobile. New spam updates will be directly pushed to your device, providing maximum protection against spammers.

In order to do this, we instituted silent notifications that allow Hiya to fetch new/updated spam lists, thereby improving our spam ID rates.

What you need to do

  • Update to Hiya version 3.6
  • To enable these silent notifications (it’s not auto-enabled, because Apple), go to the Protect tab and the first section labeled “Stay Up to Date!” will have “Enable” in blue. Click on that.
  • Once that has updated, a new section will populate and you’ll see” Update Now” in blue. Click on that if you’re OCD like me.
  • Sit back and you’re good to go! When you see a red badge on your Hiya icon or in the Hiya app on the Protect icon, you’ll know that it’s working and you just got another update.*

Hiya 3.6

*Note, if you’re OCD and badge notifications = torture, you can disable badges under iOS notification settings. The silent push notifications will still be enabled, you just won’t be notified when the spam list updates.

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