Samsung Places

Hiya Business Profiles powers Samsung Places, changing the way you reach businesses

Today, Hiya is thrilled to announce that we are powering Samsung Places, the newest feature available on the Galaxy S8. Think of Samsung Places as the tool that bridges the gap between finding and contacting a business. As a fairly avid “just Google it” user, I was skeptical. It sounded inventive but I didn’t see it replacing my very finely tuned habits.

Then I played with it.


Turns out, our team was on to something. Samsung Places is an incredibly useful, intuitive tool – and it’s going to be big. So big, in fact, that Samsung decided to replace the “Favorites” tab with it. Now, what does it do? Let me provide an example:

Present day: You’re hungry, borderline hangry, and want need to find a restaurant. Better be good food too because hanger will not be silenced if you’re stuffing down dry falafel. You pull up Google maps and search for Restaurants. You see what’s nearby then you click to see the reviews. Maybe you send your friend to Yelp to simultaneously check out the reviews while you scope out other options (because why use just one site when you can use two?).

  • Is the restaurant a winner? Want to verify they have tables available? Give them a call (which, technically, starts in the web browser and then opens the Phone app to dial).
  • Don’t like it? Go back to the beginning of your search and start over.

The not-far-at-all future: Hanger has set in. You pull up the phone app in your S8. You go to Places, tap Restaurants, and look at a listing of all the nearby restaurants. If you find a place that sounds intriguing, tap a button and it pulls up all the Yelp details your heart desires. Easily go back to the list to explore more options. Call direct from the phone app or just make your way over there pronto. Hunger no more.

Now, I’m not saying Samsung Places will cure world hunger (or AM I…) but perhaps it’s hard to visualize because it sounds too good to be true. Say no more:

Samsung Places

The use cases don’t end at restaurants though! Think about times when you need to find a business quickly. Maybe you’re locked out of your house and you need a locksmith?

Samsung Places

The category list in Samsung Places has everything you need. Arts and entertainment! Beauty and spas (oooh)! Event planners! Health and medical! Home services! Hotels and travel! Local flavor! Nightlife (caliente!)! Pets! Restaurants (nom nom nom)! All the things!

Samsung Places
Click image to see the original “All the Things” cartoon

As if that weren’t enough goodness packed into the small (but mighty) phone app, Samsung Places also seamlessly works with Smart Call. Preinstalled on all S7 and S8 devices, Smart Call automatically identifies known callers, alerts users to spam calls, and allows users to auto-block spammers. Smart Call is also powered by Hiya making Samsung Places and Smart Call the dynamic duo of your technological dreams.

In the last few years of the smartphone, it seems everything but the phone itself has improved leaps and bounds. Now, with Samsung Places, the phone portion of the smartphone is finally smart.

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