Don’t Let CRA Tax Villains Turn Your World Upside-Down

You know in action movies, how there’s always that villain who decides to take over the world by sucking the world of its resources but before they can, the likes of Superman, Batman, or the X-men to come save the day?

Well, wouldn’t it be nice if we had some superhero in tights that could save us from tax season villains?! One flash of the Bat signal, or should we say “tax signal”, and we could rid Canada of all those pesky scammers posing as the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Wishful thinking, right? Well, not necessarily…

The CRA Scam
Taking a cue from U.S. IRS scammers (way to be original), the CRA scam has been targeting Canadians since 2013. Spoofing calls right out of the gate, the so-called local CRA agent will inform the victim that they have an error or did not file their taxes on time. Once the victim bites, the scammer demands that the victim settle their alleged debt to the government by providing their banking information or, most recently, iTunes gift cards to make the payment. Destroying lives as villains do, a number of victims fall for this scam and are left defeated.

The Solution: Become Your Own Superhero
Before you fall into the clutches of these relentless CRA scam villains, here’s how you can defeat them and become your own superhero!

‘Round the Clock Security
Be aware of heightened times when CRA scammers target their victims. Despite trying spin their web of lies all year round, “CRA scams tend to get worse right before, during and immediately after Canadians file their tax returns each spring,” reports Global News.

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That
As much as we’d like to believe that federal, government, state or any type of official or agency would care for each citizen with kid gloves, we know that’s not going to happen. These are busy agencies with booked agendas. Know that the CRA will never call you personally and ask for personal or financial information to pay off debts immediately.

Secret Identity
Superheroes are mysterious people and you should take a cue from them. Don’t let scammers force you into giving them personal or financial information. You should never give out your information to unexpected callers, especially if you have not confirmed they are from a legitimate association.

Here’s the Robin to your Batman
Aside from staying alert and on your toes against shameless CRA scammers, just like Robin was to Batman, a smartphone app that provides call identification and blocking will be your protection sidekick!

Raise Awareness
If you feel like you’ve been a victim or have been targeted by CRA scammers, contacts the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre to help others from becoming a scammer’s next victim.

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