Caller ID

Five Sticky Situations Caller ID Helps You Avoid…

Hey don’t get us wrong, we know caller ID is great for avoiding spam calls or becoming a scammer’s next victim. But can you deny using the power of caller ID to dodge a personal situation?

Check out these five sticky situations that are all too familiar and we all can relate to some way or another. How have you used your caller ID to get out of something?

1. When you realize the person you gave your number to the night before is actually calling you…what did they look like again?


2. When your friend who always asks for one last favor is calling because they’re moving this weekend.


3. When you’ve been waiting all weekend to binge watch ‘Game of Thrones,’ and your neighbor calls wanting you to babysit last minute.


4. When you’ve just stepped into the elevator to go home and your boss calls…


5. When you dodge a lecture from your mom because you see that she’s called you more than 3 times in a row…



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